Soil and Sediment

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Sediment archives (alluvial, colluvial, limnic) provide records of changing soil erosion and the transport/deposition of sediment by fluvial processes. The degree of soil erosion and the extent and volume of sedimentary deposits provide information on the nature and timing of past human impacts, and the impact of environmental variability (particularly climate) on human society (e.g., Brown, 2002; Dearing and Jones, 2003; Gregory et al., 2006; Wasson, 1994).

This theme will integrate soil/sediment records to provide spatially distributed patterns through time and across different regions.

The results may be used for interpreting past levels of landscape disturbance, past human-environment interactions, describing trajectories of soil/sediment movements up to the present, defining baselines, reconstructing past sediment budgets, and developing and validating process models.

Following on from the work undertaken by the former PAGES working group LUCIFS in regards to the interpretation of catchment behavior (hydrological and sediment cycles), this Theme will make an important contribution to other Focus 4 themes, PAGES Foci (e.g., Focus 2), IHOPE and the Global Land Project (GLP).


Thomas Hoffmann, University of Bonn, Germany


Gilles Erkens, Utrecht University, Netherlands


Peter Houben, Leiden University, Netherlands
Hans Middelkoop, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Andreas Lang, University of Liverpool, UK
Gert Verstraeten, KU Leuven, Belgium
Bastiaan Notebaert, KU Leuven, Belgium
Bob Wasson, National University of Singapore
Markus Fuchs, University of Giessen, Germany
Andreas Zimmermann, University of Cologne, Germany
Stan Trimble, UCLA, Los Angles, USA
Jane Willenbring, Penn State University, USA
Rolf Aalto, University of Exeter, UK
Anthony Brown, University of Southampton, UK
Des Walling, University of Exeter, UK
Kristof Van Oost, KU Leuven, Belgium

Former, endorsed or affiliated groups

> LUCIFS (Land Use and Climate Impacts on Fluvial Systems)
> IHOPE (Integrated History of People on Earth) 

Soil and Sediment meetings

Group: soilandsediment

PAGES news

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22 (1): Annual Recorders of the Past.

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