Working Groups - Introduction

PAGES' Working Groups (WG) are temporary organizations that bring paleoscientists scientists together from around the globe to target specific aspects of PAGES’ scientific agenda. They tackle broad questions that cannot be answered by a single research team but require the integration of the wider international science community.

WGs provide a platform for discussion, research, and community building, and normally run in 3-year phases with each phase culminating in an intermediary or final major product (e.g. synthesis article, special issue, database).

Working Groups currently active or in synthesis stage are listed below under the old science structure. In 2015, PAGES will be implementing a new science structure, view the active groups under the new structure here.

We regularly encourage community members to propose new working groups. Read more about how to propose a new working group and the next deadline below.

You can learn more and get involved in a specific working group by signing up to their mailing list via their webpage.

Active Working Groups


C-PEAT (Carbon in Peat on EArth through Time)
DICE (Dust Impact on Climate and Environment)
PALSEA2 (PALeo constraints on SEA level rise 2)


The 2k Network

   - Africa2k (African climate of the last 2 millennia)
   - Antarctica2k (Antarctic climate of the last 2 millennia)
   - Arctic2k (Arctic climate of the last 2 millennia)
   - Asia2k (Asian climate of the last 2 millennia)
   - Aus2k (Australasian climate of the last 2 millennia)
   - Euro-Med2k (Climate of Europe and the Mediterranean of the last 2 millennia)
   - LOTRED-SA (Long-Term Climate Reconstruction and Dynamics of South America)
   - NAmerica2k (North American climate of the last 2 millennia)
   - Ocean2k (Marine climate of the last 2 millennia)


OC3 (Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling)


Aquatic Transitions
GloSS (Global Soil and Sediment transfers in the Anthropocene)

Working Groups currently in synthesis stage


SIP (Sea Ice Proxies)
GPWG (Global Paleofire Working Group)
Solar Forcing


Global Monsoon
(Past Interglacials)


Regional Integration

      CCT 1



VWG (Varves Working Group)


Endorsed and affiliated groups

PAGES endorses externally managed groups whose aims directly correlate with PAGES' foci and cross-cutting themes ... read more

Former initiatives and working groups

PAGES working groups and initiatives have a natural lifespan that usually involves creating an active community, holding workshops and producing a key product ... read more

Propose a new PAGES Working Group

If you would like to propose a new PAGES Working Group, please refer to the Working Group guidelines and complete the application form.

You may also contact Thorsten Kiefer or a member of the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee to discuss your proposal. Proposals should be submitted by 12 June 2015 for consideration at the next EXCOM meeting.

Note: PAGES considers supporting scoping workshops intended to develop new working groups, under the Open Call category.

Working Group Resources

Working Group Guidelines (view)

Working Group logos (view)