CCT1 - Chronology

Chronology is crucial to paleoresearch and often constrains the strength of conclusions based on paleoenvironmental reconstructions. This CCT supports efforts to improve tools for absolute and relative dating, and enhance the reliability of reference timescales, as well as encourages creative new approaches to solving chronology issues. ... more

CCT 2 - Proxy development, validation and calibration

This Theme supports improvement of the precision and accuracy of paleo-proxies as a basis for high-quality records and reconstructions of past global change to complement instrumental data. It includes efforts on proxy interpretation and development, analytical innovation, inter-laboratory comparisons, and calibration refinement, which lead to uncertainty reduction in proxy-based reconstructions. ... more

CCT3 - Modeling

Numerical models provide a comprehensive framework for exploring couplings and feedbacks between the various components of the Earth System, and as such, modeling is a key element of all the PAGES Foci. There are some paleoresearch issues that are generally not as relevant to the communities developing Earth System models for future projections. Accordingly, this theme supports efforts to improve model components specific for paleoresearch requirements. ... more

CCT4 - Data Management

This Theme provides an umbrella for activities that support availability and access to paleoscience data, as well as creative ways for their scientifically fruitful utilization. This CCT aims to mediate between the scientific community and international data centers such as WDC and PANGAEA, as well as the regional and national thematic databases. ... more