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From natural to human-dominated floodplain geoecology – A Holocene perspective for the Dijle catchment, Belgium
Special issue articles
Broothaerts N, Verstraeten G, Kasse C, Bohncke S, Notebaert B & Vandenberghe J... Anthropocene 2014
Quantifying the anthropogenic forcing on soil erosion during the Iron Age and Roman Period in southeastern France
Special issue articles
Notebaert B & Berger J-F Anthropocene 2014
Using palaeo-environmental proxies to reconstruct natural and anthropogenic controls on sedimentation rates, Tell es-Safi/Gath, eastern Mediterranean
Special issue articles
Ackermann O, Greenbaum N, Ayalon A, Bar-Matthews M, Boaretto E, Bruins HJ, Cabanes D, Horwitz LK, Ne... Anthropocene 2014
Human impact on low-land Vellayani Lake, south India: A record since 3000 yrs BP
Special issue articles
Veena MP, Achyuthan H, Eastoe C & Farooqui A Anthropocene 2014
The glade effect: Vegetation openness and structure and their influences on arboreal pollen production and the reconstruction of anthropogenic forest opening
Special issue articles
Feeser I & Dörfler W Anthropocene 2014
The application of palaeohydrology in river management
Special issue articles
Sear DA & Arnell NW CATENA 2006
Palaeoflood hydrology in a global context
Special issue articles
Baker VR CATENA 2006
Terminal Pleistocene braided to meandering transition in rivers of the Southeastern USA
Special issue articles
Leigh DS CATENA 2006
Past hydrological events reflected in the Holocene fluvial record of Europe
Special issue articles
Macklin MG, Benito G, Gregory KJ, Johnstone E, Lewin J, Michczyńska DJ, Soja R, Starkel L & Thorndyc... CATENA 2006
Chemistry and late Quaternary evolution of ground and surface waters in the area of Yabulai Mountains, western Inner Mongolia, China
Special issue articles
Yang X CATENA 2006
Reconstructing extreme flows using an airflow index-based stochastic weather generator and a hydrological simulation model
Special issue articles
Mountain NC & Jones JAA CATENA 2006
Use of multi-proxy flood records to improve estimates of flood risk: Lower River Tay, Scotland
Special issue articles
Werritty A, Paine JL, Macdonald N, Rowan JS & McEwen LJ... CATENA 2006
Degrees of separation: Hillslope-channel coupling and the limits of palaeohydrological reconstruction
Special issue articles
Wainwright J CATENA 2006
Century-scale stream network dynamics in the Russian Plain in response to climate and land use change
Special issue articles
Golosov V & Panin A CATENA 2006
Palaeohydrology of the Seim River basin, Mid-Russian Upland, based on palaeochannel morphology and palynological data
Special issue articles
Borisova O, Sidorchuk A & Panin A CATENA 2006
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