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Science and society facing climate change - Jason Smerdon
Jason Smerdon 2014
PAGES e-news, vol. 2014, no. 8
The global monsoon across timescales: coherent variability of regional monsoons
Journal articles
Wang PX, Wang B, Cheng H, Fasullo J, Guo ZT, Kiefer T & Liu ZY Climate of the Past 2014
PAGES e-news, vol. 2014, no. 7
Constraints on surface seawater oxygen isotope change between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Late Holocene
Journal articles
Waelbroeck C, Kiefer T, Dokken T, Chen M-T, Speroe HJ, Jung S, Weinelt M, Kucera M & Paul A, on behalf of MARGO Project Members Quaternary Science Reviews 2014
An updated database of Holocene relative sea level change in NE Aegean Sea
Journal articles
Vacchi M, Rovere A, Chatzipetros A, Zouros N & Firpo M Quaternary International 2014
The Mid-Pliocene sea-level conundrum: Glacial isostasy, eustasy and dynamic topography
Journal articles
Rovere A, Raymo ME, Mitrovica JX, Hearty PJ, O’Leary MJ, & Inglis JD Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2014
Constraining records of sea-level change in the eastern and western North Atlantic during the last 300 years
Journal articles
Long AJ, Barlow NLM, Gehrels WR, Saher MH, Woodworth PL, Scaife RG, Brain MJ, & Cahill N Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2014
Pollen-based quantitative reconstructions of Holocene regional vegetation cover (plant-functional types and land-cover types) in Europe suitable for climate modelling
Journal articles
Trondman AK, Gaillard M-J, Mazier F, Sugita S, Fyfe R, Nielsen AB, Twiddle C, Barratt P, Birks HJB, Bjune AE, Björkman L, Broström A, Caseldine C, David R, Dodson J, Dörfler W, Fischer E, van Geel B, Giesecke T, Hultberg T, Kalnina L, Kangur M, van der Knaap P, Koff T, Kuneš P, Lagerås P, Latałowa M, Lechterbeck J, Leroyer C, Leydet M, Lindbladh M, Marquer L, Mitchell FJG, Odgaard BV, Peglar SM, Persson T, Poska A, Rösch M, Seppä H, Veski S & Wick L Global Change Biology 2014
PAGES e-news, vol. 2014, no. 6
A Community-Driven Framework for Climate Reconstructions
Journal articles
Kaufman DS & PAGES 2k Consortium Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 2014
Fennoscandia revisited: a spatially improved tree‑ring reconstruction of summer temperatures for the last 900 years
Journal articles
Linderholm HW, Björklund J, Seftigen K, Gunnarson BE, Fuentes M Climate Dynamics 2014
Oceanographic dynamics and the end of the last interglacial in the subpolar North Atlantic
Journal articles
Mokeddem Z, McManus JF & Oppo DW PNAS 2014
Arctic Holocene proxy climate database – New approaches to assessing geochronological accuracy and encoding climate variables
Journal articles
Sundqvist HS, Kaufman DS, McKay NP, Balascio NL, Briner JP, Cwynar LC, Sejrup HP, Seppä H, Subetto DA, Andrews JT, Axford Y, Bakke J, Birks HJB, Brooks SJ, de Vernal A, Jennings AE, Ljungqvist FC, Rühland KM, Saenger C, Smol JP & Viau AE Climate of the Past 2014
22 (2): Dust
PAGES Magazine
Past Global Changes Magazine 2014
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