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Pollen-based quantitative reconstruction of land-cover change in Europe from 11,500 years ago until present – a dataset suitable for climate modelling
Journal articles
Trondman AK 2014
Northern hemispheric winter warming pattern after tropical volcanic eruptions: Sensitivity to the ozone climatology
Journal articles
Muthers S, Anet JG, Raible CC, Brönnimann S, Rozanov E, Arfeuille F, Peter T, Shapiro AI, Beer J, Steinhilber F, Brugnara Y & Schmutz W Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 2014
Paleofire R-package
Online resources
Blarquez O, Vanniere B, Marlon JR, Daniau A-L, Power MJ, Brewer S & Bartlein PJ 2014
An inter-laboratory investigation of the Arctic sea ice biomarker proxy IP25 in marine sediments: key outcomes and recommendations
Journal articles
Belt ST, Brown TA, Ampel L, Cabedo-Sanz P, Fahl K, Kocis JJ, Masse G, Navarro-Rodriguez A, Ruan J & Xu Y Climate of the Past 2014
Influence of tidal-range change and sediment compaction on Holocene relative sea-level change in New Jersey, USA
Journal articles
Horton BP, Engelhart SE, Hill DF, Kemp AC, Nikitina D, Miller KG & Peltier WR Journal of Quaternary Science 2013
Quantifying the contribution of sediment compaction to late Holocene salt-marsh sea-level reconstructions (North Carolina, USA)
Journal articles
Brain MJ, Kemp AC, Horton BP, Culver SJ, Parnell AC & Cahill N Quaternary Research 2015
Tropical sea surface temperature for the past four centuries reconstructed from coral archives
Journal articles
Tierney JE, Abram NJ, Anchukaitis KJ, Evans MN, Giry C, Kilbourne KH, Saenger CP, Wu HC & Zinke J Paleoceanography 2015
PAGES e-news, vol. 2015, no. 1
The trajectory of the Anthropocene: The Great Acceleration
Other outreach
Steffen W, Broadgate W, Deutsch L, Gaffney O & Ludwig C The Anthropocene Review
Statistical modeling of southern ocean marine diatom proxy and winter sea ice data: Model comparison and developments
Journal articles
Ferry AJ, Prvan T, , Jersky B, , Crosta X & Armand LK Progress in Oceanography 2015
Holocene changes in vegetation composition in northern Europe: why quantitative pollen-based vegetation reconstructions matter
Journal articles
Marquer L, Gaillard M-J, Sugita S, Trondman A-K, Mazier F, Nielsen AB, Fyfe RM, Vad Odgaard B, Alenius T, Birks HJB, Bjune AE, Christiansen J, Dodson J, Edwards KJ, Giesecke T, Herzschuh U, Kangur M, Lorenz S, Poska A, Schult M & Seppä H Quaternary Science Reviews 2014
Comparing modelled fire dynamics with charcoal records for the Holocene
Journal articles
Brücher T, Brovkin V, Kloster S, Marlon JR & Power MJ Climate of the Past 2014
Climate change and human impact in Central and South America over the last 2000 years: Observations and models
PAGES Solar Forcing Working Group 2nd workshop - Presentations and posters
Posters & presentations
Meeting participants 2014
PAGES-Powell North America 2k Database
Posters & presentations
McKay N & NAm2k project members 2014
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