Take the PAGES survey

img img PAGESoeilThe PAGES (Past Global Changes) project is a 25-year-strong, international effort to coordinate and promote past global change research. PAGES has put together a survey to assess how scientists perceive PAGES and to identify the importance of PAGES to their careers. It is also an opportunity for PAGES to ask for feedback on its paleoscience activities and plans for the future. It will be used as a basis for a general discussion about PAGES’ future goals and objectives at PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM) in Zaragoza, Spain (9-13 May 2017).

The survey is divided into three parts. Each part and every question is optional and can be skipped. Note that part three consists of free-text boxes, for the opportunity to leave an extended response.


The first part of the survey consists of some personal information questions. The second part is an evaluation of how the paleoscience community perceives and interacts with PAGES. The results of this part will be used in our annual reports and proposals to our funders Swiss National Academy of Sciences and US National Science Foundation, and serve as a basis for improving our science structure. The third part of the survey aims to collect community feedback on PAGES’ activities.

All your responses will be treated anonymously and filling the survey takes approximatively 15-20 minutes.

Access the survey here.

Please fill out the survey by Wednesday 19 April at 10:00 UTC. Please note the survey will not be accessible Tuesday 18 April between 04:00-08:00 UTC.

Feel free to share the link with colleagues and thank you in advance for your input. We look forward to receiving your responses.