Call for 2k Network projects

2k logofinalThe next phase of PAGES' 2k Network will be launched at PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting (Zaragoza, Spain, 9-13 May 2017) and the call is now open for new projects!

The proposed projects need to focus on research directly answering scientific questions prioritized in the 2k Network’s Themes (see below). Projects must be open to participation from interested colleagues, aim for international group composition, and facilitate participation of early-career scientists and developing nations whenever possible.


Theme 1: Climate Variability, Modes and Mechanisms
Understand the mechanisms driving regional climate variability on interannual to centennial time-scales over the past 2000 years

Theme 2: Methods and Uncertainties
Reduce uncertainties in proxy systems and their relationship to climatic variables and methods to quantify past climate

Theme 3: Proxy and Model Understanding
Identifying the source/s of paleoclimate reconstruction-model agreement and discrepancies

Project proposals can be submitted at any time during the course of the new phase, which runs from May 2017 to May 2020. However, proposals submitted before 19 April 2017 have the opportunity to be presented and discussed at the 2k Network meeting on 11 May, during the OSM.

After submission, the 2k Coordinators will evaluate each proposal on its relevance to the new themes and fit within PAGES’ mission.

More information, including the proposal form and project guidelines, can be found here.