NAm2k temperature history

clim past 12Members of PAGES' North America 2k (NAm2k) working group analyzed 510 North American borehole temperature–depth profiles to study recent climate changes. The mean North American ground surface temperature history suggests a warming of 1.8 °C between preindustrial times and 2000 AD.

The findings from Fernando Jaume-Santero et al. are discussed in the paper "North American regional climate reconstruction from ground surface temperature histories", which was published yesterday in Climate of the Past.

A regional analysis, composed of mean temperature changes over the last 500 years and geographical maps of ground surface temperatures, show that all regions experienced warming, but this warming is not spatially uniform and is more marked in northern regions.

This is the first published article in the PAGES 2k Network phase 2 synthesis special issue of Climate of the Past.

Access the paper here.