PhD opportunity in geoarchaeology, Melbourne, Australia 15 Dec 2014
PhD opportunities in climate science, Sydney, Australia 11 Dec 2014
PhD in Landscape evolution and rock art dating of the Kimberley region based in Sydney, Australia 04 Dec 2014
PhD in Reconstructing pre-industrial land-cover change in Africa, Lausanne, Switzerland 04 Dec 2014
Water quality & paleoclimate research opportunities, Kent, USA 27 Nov 2014
PhD on cycling & burial of the nutrients P and N in coral reef deposits, Newcastle, UK 25 Nov 2014
35 PhDs London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership, London, UK 25 Nov 2014
PhD, peatlands as carbon stores & climate change response, Leeds, UK 24 Nov 2014
PhD in palaeotemperature change in the drought-prone Canadian prairie, Glasgow, Scotland 20 Nov 2014
Grad Student, Paleoclimatology, University of Toronto, Canada 19 Nov 2014
2 PhDs in stable isotope geochemistry and palynology, Cairns, Australia 14 Nov 2014
PhD Ugandan crater lakes as hotspots of carbon dynamics and biodiversity, Uganda and UK 11 Nov 2014
PhD in Modelling of population density, land use and land cover in the Neolithic and Bronze Age of Western Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland 04 Nov 2014
PhD position in Organic Geochemistry Group, Boulder USA 23 Oct 2014
Graduate Opportunities in Arctic Glacial Lakes, Catchments and Climate Linkages, Flagstaff, USA 23 Oct 2014
PhD in Paleoclimatology, Bern, Switzerland 16 Oct 2014
PhDs in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology, Texas, USA 09 Oct 2014
Various PhD opportunities in ArcTrain, Canadian institutions 04 Jul 2014
Graduate research position in DendroLab, Reno 26 Jun 2014