LandCover6k people

LandCover6k coordinates its work and products within two groups, a coordinating group and a core group.

The latter group ensures a regular dialogue between the coordinating group and other PAGES and external groups.

Coordinating group

Marie-Jose Gaillard (main coordinator)
Kathy Morrison (LU coordinator)
Marco Madella (LU coordinator)
Nicki Whitehouse (LU coordinator)
Sandy Harrison (Co-design with PMIP)
ECR Emily Hammer (LU global database)
ECR Umberto Lombardo (LU Latin America)
ECR Andria Dawson (LC N America-Canada)
ECR Esther Githumbi (LC-LU Africa)
ECR Furong Li (LC-LU China)

Core group

ECR Anne Dallmeyer and Victor Brovkin (dynamic vegetation and climate modelling)
Boris Vannière (PAGES GPWG2)
Zicheng Yu (PAGES C-Peat)
Peter Verburg (Global Land Programme)
Kees Klein-Goldewijk (HYDE)
Jed O. Kaplan (ALCC KK).


LandCover6k consists of four activities:

- Pollen-based land-cover reconstructions (Land Cover, LC).
Coordinator: Marie-José Gaillard.
- Archaeology/History land-use reconstructions (Land Use, LU).
Coordinators: Kathy Morrison, Marco Madella, Nicki Whitehouse.
- Anthropogenic Land-Cover Change (ALCC, HYDE-KK) modeling.
Coordinators: Kees Klein Goldewijk, Jed O. Kaplan.
- Co-design of climate model experiments with the PMIP Community (Clim).
Coordinators: Sandy Harrison, ECR Kamolphat Atsawawaranunt.

The four activities consist of well-defined work packages (WPs). Read more about the WPS and their coordinators here.

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This group is open to anyone who is interested. To find out more about how to participate, contact Marie-José Gaillard.