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By integrating paleoclimatic records from marine, ice and continental archives together with climate model simulations, the PAGES-PMIP QUIGS Working Group aims at improving (1) reconstructions of climate and environmental changes occurring during the Interglacials of the Quaternary and (2) our understanding of the involved processes and feedbacks.
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- Document and synthesize data on the temporal and spatial patterns of climate responses during Quaternary interglacials and assess the governing processes using numerical models.
- Link causal factors to observed interglacial properties (intensity, timing, and duration).
- Constrain the extent of warming relative to the latest sea-level reconstuctions.
- Provide a more complete view of the range and underlying physics of interglacial properties by considering the entire length of the Quaternary.
- Assess the relevance of interglacials to understanding future climate change.


Bette Otto-Bliesner (NCAR, USA)
Emilie Capron (British Antarctic Survey, UK)
Anders Carlson (Oregon State University, USA)
Anne de Vernal (GEOTOP, UQAM, Canada)
Andrea Dutton (University of Florida, USA)
Laurie Menviel (University of NSW, Australia)
Chronis Tzedakis (University College London, UK)
Eric Wolff (University of Cambridge, UK)



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 Phase 2